How to Pass MRCP Part 1 and 2 Exams with Zero Stress?

MRCP Part 1 and 2 exams are complementary to each other. Taking these exams is like playing ping-pong! There is no time to think, either you know the concept they are asking about or you will have to make your best guess!

Most students who prepare for the MRCP exams go through the following sequence:

This sequence usually takes a long time for an average student (approximately 1 year or even more) and is liable to breakdown at any stage. The first obstacle in this sequence is finding a good book source to read. Many sources which are available online are outdated and confusing. Some students will be exposed to a vicious ring of “revise and forget” and this will cost them an additional time for preparation. Other students will find lots of gaps in their knowledge!

Why Should You Use is belt by a team of physicians who passed all steps of MRCP recently with high scores. They know exactly the most efficient way to prepare for the MRCP exams and they are dedicated to helping other candidates. We provide a perfect source to study all topics with many added annotations, mnemonics, key facts, tables,  algorithms, tips and tricks to make concepts easily understandable. Almost each annotation added is a high-yield concept or a previous exam question, which is highly likely to appear in your exam. In every topic, an image library is included, which contains high-yield radiology images and clinical signs. This content is continuously updated according to the most recent guidelines.

The topics at are designed in a way to enhance your photographic memory and improve exam-day recall.

A very important aspect in preparing for the MRCP exams is to be able to link concepts together and to differentiate between them in a short time. This is called “3D understanding”. is a wonderful source for this point.

After reading each topic at, you can revise high-yield concepts in the form of flashcards to reinforce your memory recall. There are +6000 indepth flashcards available here. You can repeat the concepts you feel you are weak in again and again till you understand them well. 

+3700 frequently tested facts are added and they are categorized by chapter, so you can return to them when needed. 

 We have also included a “student consult” section; through which you can consult our team about any confusing topic or concept and you will receive an answer to your query as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, all you need to pass MRCP efficiently is to focus on the topics and flashcards provided here at

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